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Trip to Europe, 2001
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I am lucky enough to have been to Europe three times now.  These are some of the photos of my previous recent trip November 2001.  I was in Holland, Belgium and France.


This is my uncle's house near Rotterdam and one of my family's rental cars in the drive.  We had a Skoda Octavia (my favorite current VW sedan) which is from Czechslovakia.  We also drove a rental....


Seat Ibeza Vario, a Spanish VW product.


Typical picturesque Dutch street. Must be a nice neighbourhood, there is a BMW 5er touring!


Thats me.


If you look close you can see the "Coffee shops" with green signs and everything.  Those are the places where people can legally buy and smoke joints.  I dont smoke, but the government there must put more faith in people's common sense and responsibilty than the government here.


Bruge especially is an awesome, picture perfect medieval town.  If there werent so many tourists in this town (like me) Id especially want to live here.




A picture in Dordrecht, across the river from my uncle's house.  In it is a e36 BMW sedan and a Corrado


Aaaahh, Amsterdam, probably the coolest city in the world.  With lax drug laws, and sex houses everywhere, its a crazy awesome place to go......without your parents.


On to Belgium.  My Dad and uncles and I drank alot of great beer on this trip.  Every village has an awesome local beer.  Here is my Dad in front of a cafe in Bruge, Belgium.  If I was to live in Europe, Id live in Belgium.....i love it there.



Here is Paris, France.  Above is one of the many European traffic roundabouts which I am a fan of.  To the left is a cafe near the Eifel Tower.  The blue car behind the two trees is a very rare Audi RS2.  The timing was bad but im glad i got a picture of it at all!